Lean Consultancy by Colette

LEAN is a powerful combination of tools, techniques, attitudes and behaviors to improve the performance of your business, based on the concept of eliminating waste and maximizing customer value. I support you in learning how to apply LEAN in your daily practice through:

LEAN Implementation

Need advice on how to apply LEAN in your business? You can do even better, and you know it. But how to do that? And even more important, how do you teach that to your employees?

LEAN Training & Coaching

I develop and provide training, workshops and games in the field of LEAN, LEAN Leadership, LEAN Start-Up, Agile, Change Management, TWI* Job Instructions and everything else that is needed to continuously improve.

LEAN Maturity Development

Do you want to know where you are regarding your LEAN development and what you can do to take the next step to help you achieve your business goals even faster? Then together we can explore where those opportunities are.

Interim LEAN Management

Are you working with LEAN and are you looking for someone who can temporarily take over the work of one of your management? In addition to my experience as a LEAN trainer and coach, I am also an experienced manager

What can by CC do for you?

Not having a clear idea of where you want to go? Not having a clear vision and/or strategy? Not clear for the employees what their tasks and responsibilities are? Or do you have processes that don’t run smoothly, do you make mistakes and does work stock up and are you unable to manage these daily activities properly? Problems I often come across in teams. I can help you and your team(s) to get a grip on these and several questions related to the daily work.

Why Colette

I have broad LEAN knowledge and skills, a lot of experience with LEAN implementations, Change Management Expertise and I know how to convert resistance into curiosity and enthusiasm. In addition, I am good at building a customized LEAN program.

Achmea; Hester Schuiteboer

Great understanding of both the application and the philosophy of LEAN, it goes beyond the deployment of a set of tools. Strong in analysis and understanding the story behind the story. Strong in implementation, feeling with both shop floor and management.

  • Great understanding and knowledge of LEAN.
  • Strong analytical capabilities.
  • Good feeling with both shop floor and management

Munro-Tailoring; Kees Hensen

Colette is an expert all over. A great deal of experience and knowledge. Clearly knows what a company/department needs. Wins trust through her pure mindset and behaviour.

  • Expert on LEAN
  • Lots of experience and knowledge
  • Gains trust through mindset and behavior

Coulisse; Saskia Vos

Colette has gained a lot of practical knowledge in all kinds of situations through years of experience. Perfectly able to transfer this knowledge, the trainings she gives are interactive. Colette trains in a way that triggers the thinking process of the person being trained.

  • Good analytical insight
  • Lots of knowledge and experience
  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude

SD Worx; Christine Werner

Colette is a brilliant and passionate coach who really understands how to get the best out of people. I had the opportunity to work with her on a transformation project in Germany. What impressed me was her experience in LEAN management and in managing stakeholder expectations. Her passion, optimism, and know-how combined with the right sense of humor also helped us to successfully complete the project. I hope we can work together again in the near future!

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