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Sometimes you learn

John C Maxwell


First Time Right improvement


Lead time reduced

What can byCC do for you?

Not having a clear idea of where you want to go? Not having a clear vision and/or strategy? Not clear for the employees what their tasks and responsibilities are? Or do you have processes that don’t run smoothly, do you make mistakes and does work stock up and are you unable to manage these daily activities properly? Problems I often come across in teams. I can help you and your team(s) to get a grip on these and several questions related to the daily work.

How LEAN is applied?

Through workshops, training and coaching “on the job” you will learn how to apply LEAN in practice. This starts not only with solid knowledge about the basics, but also with formulating a clear goal, i.e. working together on translating the vision and strategy to employee level. This also helps as a first step for alignment of the leaders in your company. Once these basics are in place, you will discuss the results with your employees on a daily basis and discover if there are ideas for improvement. Together with your colleagues and employees you will learn to solve these problems in a structured way. In addition, you and your team will look for waste by analyzing and improving your processes. In this way you set up a standard working method together and learn how to continuously improve in small steps.


LEAN can give your company a competitive advantage if you apply the principles correctly. Below are some examples of improvements you can achieve. In the end you want an will continuously improve for a satisfied customer, satisfied employees and a healthy business result.

  • Increased productivity
  • Faster processing and throughput time
  • Improvement of quality (FTR)
  • More grip and less fire fighting
  • Reduction of operational costs


What’s the result?

A company that is able to continuously improve itself and respond to the constantly changing environment and customer requirements.

All the way through the process I transfer as much knowledge and skills as possible that are needed to enable you to continuously improve for the customer. This not only gives you satisfied customers, but also committed and satisfied employees and a financially healthy company. I therefore believe that I am only successful if you, as a company, are able to independently identify and solve opportunities for improvement.

The tools and techniques, but especially changes in mindset & behaviour, enables you to improve and grow. Involved employees who have the skills to identify and solve problems and opportunities for improvement, improve their activities and thereby adapt to a continuously changing environment. Ultimately, this also leads to a reduction in costs and thus creates room for growth.

For me, successfully applying LEAN means working with the LEAN tools and systems, but above all working from the LEAN principles and mindset & behaviour. My approach is focused on achieving this so that as a company you can really be successful in applying LEAN.

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